Onsite Templates

The following links open up documents that will help you with your onsite waste water or gray water project.  If you do not find a template that will help you, let us know - we will be happy to add more!

Buying Property
Assistance for someone looking to buy raw land or an existing house - issues related to waste water, onsite septic waste water, and site limitations.

Site Investigation

Assistance for someone that needs a soil site investigation or percolation test for an onsite waste water system.

(coming soon)

(coming soon)

Service Providers

General help for finding a service provider of any type for an onsite waste water system - questions to ask about experience, professional associations, etc.


A list of questions to help hire a contractor to install your system at a competitive price, in a safe manner, and with quality meeting industry standards.


Information about hiring maintenance for your septic system on a contract basis or as-needed.

Transfer Inspection

Assistance with having a transfer inspection of an onsite septic waste water system prior to sale of a property.  The inspection report classifies a system as functional or non-functional - what this means to the buyer.


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