Board of Directors

2016 Board of Directors

Jake Garrett,

Jake was born and raised in Wyoming. He attended the University of Wyoming where he received a degree in Engineering. He moved to Mesa, Arizona in 1983 and had a wide range of employment from a financial consultant, to vacuum salesman, to magazine tele-marketer, to bartender and manager. Jake became an EIT in 1993 and became a professional engineer in 2004. During this time he started working in the wastewater industry conducting perc tests and designing wastewater treatment systems, both conventional and alternative systems. Jake is the current Environmental Health Director for Gila County and President of ACDEHSA (Arizona County Directors of Environmental Health Services Association). He also is the Chairman of the Onsite Wastewater Advisory Committee (OWAC).

Jake is one of the chartering members of AzOWRA since 2006. His term as President will end in 2016.

Doug Disbrow,
Vice President –
President Elect


Doug Disbrow is from Payson Arizona and has lived and worked in northern Gila County for over 30 years.  Doug is certified N.A.W.T. and A.D.E.Q. inspector in addition to being a certified Wastewater Treatment Plant Operator. In 2007, Doug started AZ Wastewater Services. He provides soil testing, system design, system inspections and troubleshooting, along with maintenance and repair services.  Doug is one of the founding members of the Tonto Watershed Improvement Group (TWIG) and a graduate of A.S.U.’s Master Watershed Stewart program.

Doug has been a member of AzOWRA since 2010. His term as Vice President will end in 2016

Suzanne Ehrlich, RS, Past President


Suzanne grew up in the Prescott, Arizona area, graduated from the University of Michigan, and returned to Prescott to operate a small water utility. She began working for Yavapai County Development Services-Environmental Unit in 1996. In 1998, she became an Arizona Registered Sanitarian and inspector specializing in soils evaluation and conventional onsite wastewater system construction. Suzanne was a member of the Arizona Sanitarian’s Council from 2003 to 2008, a member of the National Environmental Health Association (NEHA), a member of the Arizona County Directors of Environmental Health Services Association (ACDEHSA) Onsite Technical Advisory Group , member of the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality Onsite Wastewater Advisory Committee (OWAC), an AzOWRA member since 2007 and Conference Chairman since 2009. Suzanne became a member of the Board in 2007 and received the 2013 Golden Septic Tank award at the Annual Membership Meeting.

Her term as Past President will end in 2016.

Lou Brown,

Lou is a founding member of AzOWRA and has served as Board Member, past Presodent, past Secretary, and Treasurer. She is the president and owner of SouthWest Alternatives, founded in 1989 after learning about Eljen systems from materials obtained at regional trade show. She has extensively participated in the ADEQ Onsite Wastewater Advisory Committee activities, and is dedicated to training of contractors to ensure proper product installation and satisfaction of warranty terms. Lou has maintained a key role in the development of AzOWRA. Lou has been a member and has served on the Board member since 2006.

Her appointment as Treasurer will end in 2016.

Stacey Clark,

Stacey started working at Yavapai County as the receptionist for Development Services in 2003. While working for the county, she was inspired to become a Registered Sanitarian while working with Suzanne Ehrlich. She left the county and went to work in private industry for a septic designer from 2005-2007. With the down-turn of the economy, she left that company and went back to Yavapai County. In 2010, Stacey became an Arizona Registered Sanitarian, and entered back into school to get her Bachelors of Science degree in Environmental Management. She will be done with the schooling in March of 2015 and graduate in October. Stacey joined AzOWRA in 2008 and became the Secretary for AzOWRA in 2013.

Her appointment as Secretary will end in 2016.


Board Members at Large

David Bartholomew

Dave is a 1987 graduate of the University of Arizona, with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree. He is President of Bartholomew Wastewater Services, Inc., founded in 2008 and specializing in all aspects of operation, maintenance and inspection of wastewater treatment systems, wastewater collection systems, lift stations and pressure sewers. He has 19 years of prior experience in the water and wastewater industry. Dave has been NAWT certified since 2006 in Soils Evaluation, Systems Design and Systems Inspection. He is OSHA HazWOPER certified, and holds certifications as a Wastewater Treatment Plant Operator and Collection Systems Operator. Dave joined the Board in 2009 and has served as President in 2013.

His term as a Board Member at Large will end in 2017.

Gina Kirkpatrick

Gina Kirkpatrick along with her husband, Kevin, own and operate Septic Technologies, Inc. in Goodyear, AZ. They have been in business since 1966 and they are a family owned and operated business. Their technicians are NAWTcertified inspectors of on-site wastewater disposal systems commonly known as septic systems. They offer a full range septic system services from pumping and maintenance. to inspections for the sale or purchase of your home, to troubleshooting and repair work.

Gina became a member in 2015 and her term as a Board Member at Large will end in 2018.

Kathy Mills, P.E.

Kathryn is the owner of Mills Engineering, a firm founded in 2006. She received a Bachelor's degree from DePauw University in Greencastle, Indiana in 1989 and a Master of Science in Civil Engineering from the University of Arizona in 1991. Her experience includes nearly 20 years in the water and wastewater fields in both the public and private sectors. She is a registered Professional Engineer in AZ and is serving her second year as Secretary of AzOWRA.  She is also a member of the Arizona Water Association and chaired the technical program task force for the AZ Water 2010 conference. Kathy became a Board member in 2009 and served as Secretary for several years.

Her term as a Board Member at Large will end in 2017.

Brenda Taulbee

Brenda and her husband, Jesse Taulbee, have been in the Septic Pumping Business since 1996. Aside from being exposed to all the aspects of septic tank maintenance for much of his life within family business previous, Jesse has been the owner of JT’s Septic for 17 years. JT’s Septic began with Septic System Installations and continued into the various aspects of onsite wastewater systems maintenance and installation. The company is familiar with all manner of system components and the most recent advances in technology. The company is well qualified with way more than the generally required 10,000 hours of experience to be identified as an expert in his field. JT’s Septic has been a business member of AzOWRA since 2006 and has been instrumental in obtaining the Homeowner’s Educational Display items.

Brenda’s term as a Board Member at Large will end in 2018.

Renee Zeising

Renee Zeising, a long time REALTOR® in Central Arizona, has participated in over 328 Real Estate transactions that involved onsite wastewater systems. She has taken the time to be present at most of the Transfer of Ownership inspections and Site Investigations conducted for her clients. Renee was on the Gila County Planning and Zoning Commission for 5 years; has been a certified Secondary Education teacher, is the Vice President of the Gila County Master Gardener Association, and a member of the Young Cemetery Board. Renee has been an active member of her community for many years and is expanding her activities state-wide by teaching this course. Renee has been a member of AzOWRA since 2012.

Her term as a Board Member at Large will end in 2017.

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