About Us

The Arizona Onsite Wastewater Recycling Association (AzOWRA) is a group of installers, contractors, designers, regulators, distributors, pumpers, realtors, and maintenance providers who are uniting efforts in a common professional organization to improve the onsite wastewater recycling industry in Arizona.

  • We are working to improve uniform standards for the siting, design, installation, operation, and servicing of onsite wastewater (septic) treatment, dispersal, and recycling systems (Onsite systems);
  • We provide educational and technology transfer opportunities for the industry relating to establishing and implementing uniform standards; and
  • We work to inform the general public and relevant public policy officials about the performance capabilities and economics of Onsite systems.
  • We are working to protect the environment of Arizona by promoting research and development based on sound ecological management practices relating to the manufacture, design, installation, operation, and servicing of Onsite systems.
  • We are promoting ethical standards for the guidance of our members in their relations with each other and the public.

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